February 26, 2013

//Stupid Spam

In an attempt to delete the crazy amount of spam I keep getting I accidentally deleted some recent comments. My apology, I didn't realize that when I moved the spam that was published to the spam file it wouldn't send me to the spam file automatically. Thinking I was in the spam file, and there being a lot of it, I had clicked "select all". It wasn't until I had clicked delete that I realized I wasn't on the spam page but my published comment page. Just letting you know this so if you had a comment I was not being rude and just deleting it.


  1. I'm having a a similar issue, Amber. Tons of spammy comments lately. I'm wondering if this is a Blogger issue. I get a few here and there, but I went in to check my comments today and there must have been 20 spam comments. For shame!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

    1. I mean, I would get spam here and there but not as much as I have been bombed with lately. I get it daily, at least 5 or more spam comments if I don't check it daily. It's ridiculous! It must be something with blogger but I'm not sure, I just want it to go away and stop!

      xo Amber P.


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