August 17, 2012

Guess What Came In The Mail?

      The other week I got an email saying I won the wonderful giveaway over at Blue Eyed Night Owl and my prize was a print from Julia and her new etsy shop Earlybird Prints. Well Dustin came in from work today with a big white package and I knew it was it! I was little panicked at first because it had been raining and since I didn't hear the mail person it must have been while I was asleep (knowing their route around 9-10 am.) So I slowly opened the package, crossing my fingers that it wasn't ruined. I would have to say it was far from it!

Everything was in perfect condition (even the sweet little message) and not messed up from the rain. I'm still giggly about winning the giveaway because this piece is amazing! I need to get a frame asap so I can hang this beautiful pieces up!


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