May 20, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I still need to get all the pictures together from graduation and will make one mega post with it all. Until then I wanted to share with you all my little garden that Dustin and I have been working on.

One thing this summer that we want to do is fix up our back patio area so we can actually enjoy the summer. We have a grill already and Dustin can get pallets for $1 at his work so we're going to make furniture and we just need a few more little touches to make it perfect. I'm also going to start looking for an affordable fire pit so we can go out during the Fall too.

Top Left to Right: A blossom on one of our strawberry plants, a hanging plant our neighbor gave us
Bottom Left to Right: One of the hydrangea's we salvaged from the sale rack, the golden eunoymus plants we got two years ago.

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