September 27, 2011

Business Casual

Before I start my article review for class I thought I'd share what I wore to class. My school has a dress code and it's business casual though I managed to sneak my diy oxford tennis shoes past my teachers today. I might not get so lucky next time so I changed to my black flats. 

My poor owl lost his eye in class but I kept it so I can fix it later

Outfit Connections
Outerwear: Classic Knit Blazer Forever21
Top: Seashore Bliss Blouse Ruche
Pants: Khaki Jeggings Walmart
Shoes: Black Sequin Ballet Flats Forever21
Necklace: Owl Pendent c/o my Great Aunts Antique Shop
Glasses:  Brown Oversized Frames Walmart

Alright it's time to read that long article and get to writing. Thank God I get to sleep in tomorrow morning :)



  1. Loving the outfit!

    I kinda wish my school had a dress would actually motivate me from time to time! Lol Business casual is one of my favorites :)

  2. Good luck with the article!

    And I'm glad you still have the eye:) It always sucks when things fall apart, but it's nicer when they're fixable.


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