May 9, 2011

Project Organize

As school is ending I really want to work on Craft'n Bettie, the blog and more artwork. My problem is even though I organized my desk and even organized my jewelry I still don't have places to put things. The biggest problem is not everything fits. I have six spray cans, packaging material, X-acto trimmer, hole puncher, and vintage items for Craft'n Bettie.

I'm surprised I posted these pictures but my main goal is to find a place for my items, have easy access to those items and keeping it all stylish. Next I need figure out a layout/style for fixing this ciaos! 


  1. You should go to IKEA for inspiration and maximizing your space. :D that's what I like to do at least. :D Good luck! :D

  2. Thanks! I almost forgot about Ikea. They have such cute containers and organizer stuff (asides from furniture) :)



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