April 5, 2011

I have this urge to sew.

It's been driving me nuts but I don't have a functioning sewing machine and I'm too ocd to do big projects by hand. I really need to look into finding the missing part maybe order a new part OR just buy a small sewing machine to satisfy my fancy. I really want to check out this local thrift store and pick up some vintage pillow case and make them into throw pillows for the couch or something. I could probably do that by hand and not spend hours redoing it, plus I could send it in for that project restyle. So far I've done two restyles and I want to do more and probably would have if I had more time. I hate that I only have the Pick Fridays every week and wish I could do more for the blog but school and work are important. Oh how I can't wait for summer...I need to get some sun on my ghostly legs as my boyfriend called them (seriously they are very very pale compared to my arms and everything). Anyway hope to post more soon and see you Friday!

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