August 28, 2012

Guest Post with Jenny!

Hi all! My name is Jenny and I blog over at MagicCatJenny.  This is the first guest post I've ever done (thanks Amber!) so I thought why not blog about my favorite local band, The Long Holidays!

The Long Holidays can best be be described as "adventure rock".  By that I mean their mix of indie and americana makes you want to get up and go exploring, fight some pirates, go scuba diving, and save the day all before breakfast.  The line up is: James Holmquist (vocals, guitar, 8-string ukulele) who is also a scientist when he's not making music, Andy Worshill (bass, trombone, vocals), Kevin Engelking (piano, vocals), Sean Garnreiter (trumpet), and John Higgins (drums).

From left: Andy, Kevin, James, Sean, John

Some of their influences/sound-a-likes include Johnny Cash, The Decemberits, The Mountain Goats, Dick Dale, Cake, and Flight of the Conchords.

They recently opened for Suburban Legends at a sold out show and the often put together nights at various bars around LA.  They've played with Artichoke, Oak Street Blues, and other great local bands.  During shows there tends to be lots of dancing and fun and always a Viking percussion part of the show. Audience participation welcome! 

They recently released a 6 song EP, "Through Two Lenses"  for free on their bandcamp.  The songs include a range of exciting topics such as: spies in love, a high-altitude parachute jump, and sea shanties.  The band is also working on a whole new batch of songs.  I've heard them rehearse and they are going to be really great songs!  There's a song about a guy going through a mid-life crises during a zombie apocalypse and a song about The Long Holidays favorite drink, 1 part whiskey (that's the only part). If you're a hard core adventurer or a science nerd or just someone who likes good original music, you'll enjoy The Long Holidays.

If you happen to live in the Los Angels area (or San Diego during September), it is very easy to catch one of their shows.  Just follow them on Facebook or check their website for an up-to date schedule of shows.  
Find The Long Holidays here:

So glad to have you over here Jenny! I agree they are very indie/Americana and very relaxing to listen to; my ears thank you Jenny :) They are fantastic and I really recommend you take a listen. I also highly suggest checking out Jenny's blog too!


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