September 5, 2013

In the Land of Minis

I have been spending a lot of time working on my dollhouse lately and I couldn't be happier with the progress. I've been kind of a blah mood lately, even though I've had some good thrift finds I've just been in this ongoing funk. I've been trying to focus on something creative to help bring me out of it so I can feel more productive (not to mention more interested in blogging). First I painted the roof a dark gray, I'm not sure what I'm going to paint the rest of the house but the roof is a good start. Then I painted the living room walls a tan and put up scrapbook paper as "wallpaper" on the left wall.  I really wanted "hardwood" floors so I took some large popsicle sticks and cut them into planks that I stained with a cheap water stain. Of course I couldn't stop there! I found some skinny sticks (about the size of wooden coffee stirrers) and painted them wait as molding.

That is the living room so far and I'm going to work on the kitchen today! I know it's so silly to put so much detail in a project, but it's all I can do at a creative person standpoint. More pictures to come and once I get all my thrifting goods cleaned and neat I'll share them as well.


  1. This is incredible! You must have some serious patience!

    1. It does but it helps me to slow down and take my time when I'm one of those people that always tends to rush through things :)

      xo Amber P.


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